Client Services

To target talent, we make use of unique practices that have proven over time to recognize the best candidates quickly and efficiently. We respect your place in the market and only work with top firms in each market segment.

We promise to spend the time up front to clearly identify and profile every candidate that enters the interviewing process:

Skill set

Cultural fit


And any other important details into account


We commit to identifying 3 to 5 appropriate candidates in the first 10 - 15 days of a search and provide you with a thorough description of each candidate that enters the interviewing process including:

A clear list of values to cover all areas that are crucial to landing your top candidate choice

Precise scheduling, preparation and consistent qualification of candidates

Consistent feedback

Numerous qualified candidates kept in the pipeline until we reach your desired result


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Diversity Recruiting We know how important it is in the 21st century to identify diversity candidates. We have partnered with organizations to meet your specific needs. Please be sure to indicate whether a diversity candidate would be of interest.

Once we engage in the recruiter/client relationship, you can expect:

Team conference call and/or face-to-face meeting between client executive and recruiting team

Comprehensive recruiting plan

Established timeline working backwards from hire date to interview to presentations

Target list for competitors

Strategic messaging for client review

Candidate presentation including client ‘hot buttons’, references upon request and write-up of skill set as it relates to the position

We guide you through the entire interview process and negotiate the win/win deal, getting the candidate on board in a timely fashion

This extra diligence to your search allows us to hit the desired date of hire with a highly-qualified individual. Your firm saves money and precious time by not having to seek out several firms or leave a spot open, always resulting in significant costs.

We are eager to work with the best of the best! The time to consider a career change is when you are at the top of your game and we can help you clearly understand why.

We'll take you through the entire process of identifying you and your family's values, targeting and introducing you to healthcare companies that you have interest in working with, preparing you for interviews at all levels and negotiating an exciting offer.

If this describes you, we want to know you.