Hello, old friend

When I first met Steve Froscheiser as a candidate several years ago, I was happy to find a rewarding placement for him with a top-of-class company.  Over the years, his incredible talent and experience in the diagnostics industry has helped him land positions with several leading companies.

When I was recruiting to fill a recent vacancy in TKG, Steve reached out to me after coming across the job listing I had posted. With his decades in sales and marketing in clinical diagnostics, I was surprised to hear that he was interested in the recruiting side of the business. He shared that he had been thinking about making a move but only if he could work with TKG. *Only if he could work with TKG!* I was flattered, to say the least.  After a few conversations, he made the leap and is now using his experience as a recruiter and in business development for TKG.

His familiarity with the industry, knowledge of the key players and firm understanding of what makes a candidate valuable will be instrumental in helping TKG serve our clients as they forge into their ‘new normal’.

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