Lyn’s reflection on 14 years…twice.

I began my recruiting career with two large, well-respected, successful firms with multi-million dollar contracts.  I had the pleasure of working for industry greats who mentored me through the strategic and ethical dilemmas that ultimately arise after years of experience.  For 14 years, I was a top performer but knew I wanted something different.

With a bit of entrepreneurial fire, several industry connections and a lot of grit, I formed TKG…14 years ago.  Now, I get to reflect on that journey.  After 14 years, I left a thriving career and decided to go it alone; I hung my shingle and sat at an empty and quiet desk waiting for the phone to ring, I was tied up in a mess of non-competes and wasn’t allowed to even pick up the phone.  A former client called, hired me and, suddenly I was on the recruiting map.

Now, 14 years later, I am working with the country’s top diagnostics companies, mentoring recruiters, putting best practices into place every day and having a ton of fun!  Especially rewarding is my recent nomination for NAWBO Sacramento’s Innovator Award, an honor that, I believe, acknowledges my experience in the industry, efforts to grow my business and expand opportunities, especially for women, in clinical diagnostics.

As I consider this anniversary, I realize that there is something to be said for a longer and more satisfying second chapter…especially in the current business climate when statistics show that only 30% of small businesses survive into their 10th year.

I am grateful that our longevity has afforded me the opportunity meet so many dynamos in diagnostics and attend events to see their innovations for myself.  I also appreciate the chance to participate in organizations that further women in diagnostics and business in general and relish mentoring opportunities that come my way.  Everyday, I am humbled by the clients and candidates that continue to put their faith and futures in the hands of TKG’s capable staff.

Change is scary.  The unknown can stop us in our tracks.  But I am proof that faith and a little courage can change anyone’s course.

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