About Us


About TKG

Established in 2006, TKG is a boutique recruiting firm in the healthcare industry focused in clinical diagnostics and connecting outstanding talent with thriving healthcare businesses. We match capable Sales, Sales Management and Marketing candidates with top-notch companies, from up-and-coming to Fortune 500, to create long-term career partnerships.

With a combined 50 years of experience, we utilize our established relationships and sophisticated yet cordial interviewing techniques to meet your employment needs and maximize your reputation.

We are proud to be a licensed Women's Business Enterprise!

Who We Are

TKG was founded in 2006 by Lyn Kleinbach, a top executive recruiter with over 25 years of recruiting experience in the healthcare industry. Simply stated, she has built a boutique firm providing premium talent to healthcare firms across the country through the outstanding service of a small agency with the customized resources of a large firm.

Our team of recruiters brings a wealth of experience across diverse industries. They are respectful, diligent and responsive, implementing an integrated approach to sourcing the sales and marketing talent our clients need to be competitive.

What We Believe

Since opening the doors of TKG, I have been a strong advocate for diversity, and I am proud that TKG is a reputable inclusive recruiter with a long history of advancing women in the workplace. As our country reckons with the challenges of recognizing the value of all communities, we at TKG want to honor them by bringing the same inclusivity we have worked for to underrepresented groups.

At TKG, diversity is a deliberate strategy that is enmeshed in our value system and we see it as a fight for equity – ensuring all ethnicities, races and genders have the same access to opportunities.

We know that a robust diversity and inclusion program is in the best interest of our clients and candidates:

    • The new workforce wants to work with companies that are in alignment with their own philosophies.
    • With this next generation on their side, our client companies will be poised for future successes when led by diverse thinking.
    • Companies are expected to use their platform to communicate a clear stance on social initiatives.
    • The gig economy dictates that employees have more options and can work in the environment that suits them.
    • Companies cannot innovate to solve tomorrow’s problems with only like-minded people.
    • Compensation is no longer the main reward. Culture matters and companies will always fall short if employees are forced to choose between salary and culture.

TKG is and will continue to be a leader in inclusive recruiting by taking action. We will:

    • Actively recruit underrepresented, overlooked, and underserved communities.
    • Restructure job searches and listings to be more inclusive.
    • Hire recruiters to reflect our diversity effort.
    • Grow Women in Diagnostics, TKG’s first major focused outreach for diversity recruiting. Through WID, we are able reach an untapped yet talented segment of the population.
    • Work to change the mindsets of hiring managers.
    • Build a pipeline of diverse talent by inspiring and supporting our clients’ DEI initiatives.

In short, we want to be the recruiting firm of choice because of our decades of success and commitment to diversity. This is my commitment.



The personal, friendly and professional service, communications, and interactions with The Kleinbach Group were outstanding! The hiring expectations and timeline were clearly communicated and provided great comfort and understanding. I highly recommend The Kleinbach Group for any candidate and/or company hiring in the diagnostic industry.  Over a long career, Ashley and Lyn simply provided the best hiring experience I’ve ever encountered!

I am extremely thankful for you. But even more, I am so impressed. I have never seen such a diligent recruiter, from a client and candidate perspective, and I won’t hesitate to share your name with my more senior peers in the industry that are open to expanding their exclusive relationship networks. You are a gem amongst your counterparts for sure – and more companies would attract better hires as a result of working with you – without a doubt! Your pride in your work and as a business partner to those with whom you work is noteworthy to say the absolute least!

Medical Diagnostics

In the recruiting process, communication is key, and TKG excels in this area. Their ability to both source and present candidates with the skillset required for the given role is outstanding. From a candidate standpoint, their interview prep and support through the process were tremendously helpful in making sure I nailed the interviews and put me in the best position to earn the offer. Lyn and Ashley’s communication was insightful and informative through both the interviewing process I went through as a candidate and as I hired employees for my growing team.  TKG is dialed in to the life sciences market segment and in a matter of a few weeks can produce a competitive slate of candidates to evaluate.

Wayne Shepherd, Global Vice President of Sales, Grenova Solutions

I have worked with Lyn for 30 years and have always found her, and her team, to be highly engaged and effective.  I like the fact that they spend a lot of time up front to have a deep understanding of my needs and what I hope to accomplish.  TKG is definitely one of my top, go-to recruiting resources!

Chad Brown

I am so grateful. As you know I was not planning on being in the job market and this was a very stressful time for me.  You helped place me in a position that I believe is even better than the role I held previously, at a company I could only dream of working at.  I hope to have a long and prosperous career and recommend TKG to any professional hoping to land a new position within the healthcare space.

In less than two days I had my first call with the hiring manager and an in-person interview only two business days after that.  Lyn prepped me for each interview and gave me background information that prepared me much more than any research I could have done on my own.  The feedback shared with me after each interview was invaluable and helped prepare me for the next steps of the process.  Lastly, working with you eliminated the need for any negotiating on my end.  I was able to accept the initial offer without any hesitation and no need to counteroffer.

It all started with you, Lyn. I’ve been at Roche for 11 years!