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Our mission at TKG is clear - We aim to help the world's leading healthcare companies and top candidates realize their potential and gain a competitive edge by making long-lasting career decisions.

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Established in 2006, TKG is a top recruiting firm in the healthcare industry, connecting outstanding talent with thriving healthcare businesses. With a focus on clinical diagnostics, we match Sales, Sales Management and Marketing candidates with top-notch clinical diagnostics companies in the molecular diagnostics, point-of-care, infectious disease and CRISPR industries.

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Grateful Testimonial

I am so grateful. As you know I was not planning on being in the job market and this was a very stressful time for me.  You helped place me in a position that I believe is even better than the role I held previously, at a company I could only dream of working at.  I hope to have a long and prosperous career and recommend TKG to any professional hoping to land a new position within the healthcare space.


Sarah worked at warp-speed and started the screening process less than an hour after I first initiated contact.  In less than two days I had my first call with the hiring manager and an in-person interview only two business days after that.  Lyn prepped me for each interview and gave me background information that prepared me much more than any research I could have done on my own.  The feedback shared with me after each interview was invaluable and helped prepare me for the next steps of the process.  Lastly, working with you eliminated the need for any negotiating on my end.  I was able to accept the initial offer without any hesitation and no need to counteroffer.


Lyn – I am extremely thankful for you. But even more, I am so impressed. I have never seen such a diligent recruiter, from a client and candidate perspective, and I won’t hesitate to share your name with my more senior peers in the industry that are open to expanding their exclusive relationship networks. You are a gem amongst your counterparts for sure- and more companies would attract better hires as a result of working with you- without a doubt! Your pride in your work and as a business partner to those with whom you work is noteworthy to say the absolute least!

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I worked with Sarah on my most recent career move. She was extremely detail-oriented and kept me up-to-date throughout the process. Anytime I had a questions she was available to answer them very clearly. She was excellent at preparing me for each stage of the interview and expectations of the individuals I was meeting with. I would recommend Sarah and TKG to any candidate looking for a new position.