Client Solutions

We strive to be our clients' most trusted ally when identifying talent. We respect privacy in the marketplace and pledge to spend the time up front to clearly identify your needs. Our exclusive, cutting-edge AI platform connects talent to you in real time and qualifies every candidate through the skills you value most. We thoroughly vet every candidate that enters the interviewing process and maintain qualified applicants in the pipeline until we reach the desired result. We have solid experience sourcing diversity candidates and only present the most qualified, one of whom we are sure you will hire.

From us, our clients can expect a comprehensive recruiting plan, established timeline, a target list for competitors, strategic messaging, a thorough dossier of candidates, and assistance with negotiations and onboarding.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Lyn for over 20 years and emphatically recommend her services. Several times, she has been intimately involved in helping me build out commercial teams and has always sourced, interviewed and closed excellent candidates. If you are looking for a talented IVD recruiter – you need to work with TKG.”

Timothy Still
President, CEO
Medical Diagnostics & Devices

“Lyn Kleinbach is a pleasure to work with, sharp, resourceful and incredibly competent. I had to assemble a field group of 40 people in a very short period of time.  Lyn did a fantastic job of identifying excellent candidates, culling the list to a reasonable size, and bringing the candidates to the table. This allowed me to focus on the hiring decision without being distracted by the rest of the process.  I would hire her again without a moment’s hesitation.”

Tom Kissinger
BSI llc

“I have worked with Lyn for 25 years, always exceeding my expectations and delivering more than promised. She invests the time up front making sure that she understands your needs, the company culture, the leadership team and the strategy so that she can bring forth the most qualified candidates. Consequently, candidates are well-vetted before they are presented. She provides timely feedback and can be very helpful in the decision process. TKG is my ‘go-to’ for recruiting needs!”

J. Chad Brown
SVP Sales & Marketing
NanoString Technologies

“I’ve worked with Lyn and her staff for several years now with a high rate of success. Lyn has cut my recruitment time in half and found talented candidates in even the toughest geographies. Candidates are always top caliber and come pre-screened with a detailed summary reducing the amount of homework I need to do on my end. Outstanding personalized service from TKG.”

Jim France
Director, Global Strategic Accounts
Bio-Rad Laboratories