Introducing 99 of my friends…

One of the reasons I love living and working in Granite Bay is the collective community-mindedness of its residents.  On any given day, I can find church groups, scout troops, service organizations and families out about town doing their part to make life a bit better for others.

No time is this more evident than four nights a year when no fewer than 100 women Power of 100 Womenget together, each with $100 in hand.  After hearing from representatives of local charities, the women cast their votes and donate a collective $10,000 to the winning organization.

Being invited to join The Power of 100 Women was an honor and attending these quarterly meetings is inspiring and a privilege.  There truly is strength in numbers and it is immensely gratifying to think about how $10,000 can immediately impact the bottom line of some of these grassroots organizations.  Families are fed, housing is built, seniors are cared for, patients and their families are supported.  And I’m pleased as punch to be able to take 1/100th of the credit!

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