Are we in the middle of the next pandemic?

Every day, I talk to candidates, hiring managers, colleagues and I can hear the fear in their voices.  People are scared and nervous – times are unpredictable! – and understandably trepidatious about making a move.  One day unemployment is up, the next the job listing you were about to respond to is gone.  Everywhere, there seems to be a desire to move on and, at the same time, there’s this palpable lull.

Is this a career pandemic?

On the hiring side…  Well, let’s just say you don’t want to be on the hiring side right now.  It’s very difficult to pull candidates who are opting to stay in an undesirable situation at the risk of losing out on a great opportunity.

To employees and job seekers:  I’d like to offer a new way of thinking about where you are right now.  Just because the economy isn’t completely back on track doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be 100% focusing on your career.  If you have the courage and confidence to consider alternatives, you could make the day of a hiring manager.

Answer these questions:

  • Do I have the right mentor?
  • Am I selling cutting-edge products?
  • Do I have opportunities to learn, to advance?
  • Do I have the potential for uncapped income?

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, it’s time to get out of your career rut.  Let’s have a discussion.

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