High 5 to Us!

Recently Lyn and Ashley completed a HIGH5TEST, a strengths test to help us understand what comes naturally, we’re good at, and energizes us to help us achieve professional and personal goals.

We are happy to report that the results were not surprising. Turns out that Lyn is a natural coach…”Coaches enjoy discovering the potential in other people and supporting their personal growth. They find it hard to accept when this potential is getting wasted.” Could this passion for helping people understand and reach their full potential be what brought Lyn to this career in the first place?

And Ashley is an empath…”Empathizers are great at noticing how others feel and using this understanding to do something good. They are frustrated when asked to disregard feelings and emotions and follow strict logic instead.” What more could you want in a recruiter than someone who can see around the logic and understands how backgrounds, personalities and soft skills can mutually benefit both sides.



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