Subtle, forthright change…gets amazing reaction!

I really believe that our recent rebrand was a strategic and timely move.  And I’m grateful to have the support and positive feedback from so many clients and candidates that reinforces that our efforts have been well received.  More importantly, it communicates that they understand my team’s goals.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give us a shout.  Please take a moment to read their thoughts:


  • Love it!  You are wonderful to work with.
  • ​Nice job Lyn!!!! I remember when we first met you had your first child. Now I am going to be a grandfather in ~ 30 days.​  I have always had much respect for you.
  • Your logo, name and website updates are fresh and straightforward. You kept it simple and direct. An approach that mirrors your own style.  Wishing you continued success and happiness.
  • Congrats on the new rebrand & updated site!  Hope all is well.
  • The new website looks great.


  • Hello Lyn and congratulations on your name change and rebranding!
  • Thanks for keeping me updated. Congrats on your new brand. Cheers!
  • Great change!
  • The new name has a nice ring to it! Glad business is well :). Best of luck!
  • Well Done Lyn. Congrats on all!!
  • Sincere congrats on this change, and all your support and effort on my behalf!
  • Great news on your name change and congrats on all your success

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