Time for a Change?

Figuring out when to make a change can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  One way to decide is to ask yourself these basic questions: Am I happy?, Am I really enjoying my work?, Am I bouncing out of bed to get to work because of the exciting day ahead?

If the answer is yes, then stay where you are, the grass is rarely greener.

But if you answered no, here are some things to consider about timing:

  1. If you are successful and productive, there is almost no great time to leave.  There will always be commissions outstanding, loyalties that you don’t want to break and people you don’t want to let down.
  2. Timing truly has to do with the opportunities that are put in front of you or that you decide to seek out.    Companies have proved to us that they make decisions about our careers based on what is good for them, not necessarily for us.  Every day I talk to people who have been adversely affected by a company or company’s board decision and it feels personal, but it’s not, it’s just business.  The way to stay ahead of this is to be conscientious about what is going on in your current company and be open to new opportunities.  You are in charge of managing your own career, don’t let a company make those decisions for you.
  3. Whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of the year, don’t ever be afraid to go after an opportunity that comes to you that will be better for you and your family.  Work with a great recruiter who can manage all the timing issues that come up in an interviewing process.

Here at TKG, we pride ourselves on working with you in lockstep during the interview process to manage offers, start dates and negotiate commissions that might be left on the table.  Reach out to us today even if you’re not sure of the timing!

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